Horní Planá

The Horní Planá division manages a total of 19,960 ha of land, including 16,569 ha of forest land and 203 ha of water areas primarily in the Boletice military training area. Apart from the main forest units, the division also manages detached administration units – Kramata (Vimperk), Homole (České Budějovice), Bor (Dražice) and Bechyně. Organizationally, it is divided into 4 forest administrations (Arnoštov, Chvalšiny, Horní Planá and Nova Pec), the Horní Planá Service Administration and the division headquarters.

The Boletice military training area is located southwest of Český Krumlov, on the border of Natural Forest Area 12 (foothills of the Šumava and Nové Hrady Mountains) and Natural Forest Area 13 (Šumava), with the highest point, Lysá, at 1,228 m above sea level. The whole territory represents a unique area of exceptional natural conditions in the Czech Republic. Nearly half of the territory is incorporated into the Šumava protected landscape area; the territory is also included in the NATURA 2000 system, and the territory of the Arnoštov forest administration is incorporated into the protection zone of the Blanice national nature monument, with the occurrence of critically endangered species – the freshwater pearl mussel.

The division’s main economic activity is forestry production in spruce forests including fir and beech; the predominant tree species in lower altitudes is pine. The division’s other activities include fishing, gamekeeping and recreation services.

Registered office: Jiráskova 150, 382 26 Horní Planá
Telephone: +420 380 704 310
Fax: +420 380 738 106
Email: hplana@vls.cz

Represents the Director:
Ing. Zuzana Štollová
Email: zuzana.stollova@vls.cz
Telephone: +420 954 002 911

Production Deputy:
Ing. Bc. Miroslav Novotný
Email: miroslav.novotny@vls.cz
Telephone: +420 954 002 925

Economic Deputy:
Ing. Zuzana Štollová
Email: zuzana.stollova@vls.cz
Telephone: +420 954 002 911

Arnoštov Forest Administration
Arnoštov čp. 40,
obec Křišťanov, 383 01 Prachatice
Ing. Keltner Martin
Telephone: +420 388 33 72 33, +420 605 206 757
Email: martin.keltner@vls.cz

Chvalšiny Forest Administration
Chvalšiny čp. 251,
382 08 Chvalšiny
Bc. Dušák Martin, DiS.
Telephone: +420 380 739 113, +420 737 226 515
Email: martin.dusak@vls.cz

Horní Planá Forest Administration
Hodňov čp. 25,
382 26 Horní Planá
Ing. Janovský Lukáš
Telephone: +420 380 72 57 15, +420 739 532 183
Email: lukas.janovsky@vls.cz

Nová Pec Forest Administration
Nové Chalupy,
384 62 Nová Pec
Ing. Kočí Martin
Tel.: +420 388 32 37 06, +420 731 137 692
E-mail: martin.koci@vls.cz

Service Management
Hodňov čp. 25,
382 26 Horní Planá
Ing. Kysela Václav
Telephone: +420 380 72 57 13, +420 602 449 303
Email: vaclav.kysela@vls.cz

Olšina Recreational facilities
Olšina čp. 338, obec Boletice,
382 26 Horní Planá
Haldová Miloslava
Telephone: +420 380 73 82 60, +420 737 226 560
Email: miloslava.haldova@vls.cz

total area 19,960 ha
agricultural land 1,022 ha
forest land 16,569 ha
water area 203 ha
built-up area 5 ha

With regard to gamekeeping, the Horní Planá division manages five hunting districts with a total area of 26,342 ha. The largest hunting district, Knížecí stolec, is home to red deer, roe deer, wild boar and, marginally, fallow deer. It is the only hunting district of VLS ČR s. p. where large predators – common lynx – occur. A permanent population of black grouse also lives here.
The same species can also be found in the Nová Pec hunting district, connected with the Šumava National Park, as well as in the Vimperk hunting district. In the other hunting districts managed by the division (Homole Forest and Bechyně), only roe deer is normalized and wild boar is hunted.
The annual catch is around 1,400 cloven-hoofed animals.

Hunting districts

  • Knížecí stolec
  • Nová Pec
  • Vimperk
  • Homole Forest
  • Bechyně

Hunting lodges

Arnoštov forest administration Tyrolka hunting lodge
Chvalšiny forest administration Sádlno hunting lodge - located on the bank of the pond
Vačkárna hunting lodge
U Ubikace hunting lodge
Horní Planá forest administration Kokeš hunting lodge
Špičák hunting lodge

All hunting lodges are available from May to October

Off heating season CZK 127/person/night
Heating season CZK 144/person/night

According to the pricelist of the VLS Horní Planá Division: category D

The most valuable trophies for the last five years

Red deer 211,62 CIC (gold medaile)
Red deer 125,50 CIC (silver medaile)
Wild boar 119,15 CIC (silver medaile)

The territory administered by the VLS Horní Planá Division and its surroundings offers extraordinary tourist experiences from Šumava. The location of the Boletice Military District, its nature as well as good position not far from Lipno, Schwarzenberg canal, Vltavský luh and popular targets in the national park will enable you to combine the popular hiking targets with the discovering of not as well-known places in Šumava. The locations administered by VLS are unique even within Šumava in many respects, and this is mainly because they have been protected against intense human activity as a military district for decades. Therefore, we want to make these beauties available to visitors as much as it is allowed by nature conservation and the training programme in Boletice.

Hiking and cycle routes in Boletice

Hiking routes and cycle routes in the Boletice Military District were opened mainly in the last few years, but they won the hearts of the public immediately. They offer an unusual experience of the lesser-known virgin nature as well as very attractive views of Šumava.

List of routes

No. Route for Description Marking Length
1. hikers Červený dvůr – hranice újezdu – kolem Podvořského rybníka – směr Hraniční les – Nad vápenkou – hranice voj. újezdu green 9 km
2 hikers, cyclists Zastávka ČD Hodňov – Květušín – hranice újezdu – směr Mokrá red 5 km
3. hikers Arnoštov - Sedmidomí - Čtyři domy - Na skále green 3 km
4. hikers Markov – nad Chlumanským lesem – rozcestí Pod Chlumkem – Tisovka yellow 3,5 km
5. hikers Pěkná – Pod hájovnou – Korunáč yellow 2,5 km
6. hikers Chvalšiny – Podvoří - Boletice – Kostel sv. Mikuláše - Raziberk– Kájov blue 9 km
7. hikers parkoviště Uhlíkov – Knížecí stolec – parkoviště Uhlíkov blue 16 km
8. hikers Hranice újezdu parkoviště Uhlíkov po zpevněné komunikaci – odpočívadlo pod Knížecím stolcem před pěším výstupem na vrchol – zpět po zpevněné komunikaci značené modré pro pěší na parkoviště Uhlíkov blue 15 km
9. hikers Okolo Špičáku: Hranice újezdu parkovací plocha Maňávka po zpevněné komunikaci – Maňávka – Stará Huť – Liščí kámen – Vlčí kámen – Kapradinec – zpět po zpevněné komunikaci značené modré pro pěší na parkovací plochu Maňávka blue 12 km
10. hikers Hranice vojenského újezdu parkovací plocha Arnoštov po zpevněné komunikaci – Srázy – Vlčí jámy – Nad Markovem – Markov – zpět po zpevněné komunikaci Mobluedrá 7 km
11. cyclists Hranice újezdu Březovík – křižovatka Třebovice – křižovatka Sádlno – hranice újezdu směr Tisovka route 1251 4 km
12 cyclists Hranice újezdu od Perneku - směr Bulov – jižně Černý les – křižovatka Záhvozdí – Arnoštov route 1252 12 km
13. cyclists Záhvozdí – křižovatka Černý les route 1252 A 2 km
14. cyclists Křižovatka Maniny – Křižovatka Boletice – Chvalšinská závora route 1253 3 km
15. cyclists Kájovká závora – křižovatka Maniny – kostel sv. Mikuláše – křižovatka Hořičky – křižovatka Kovařovice – Polná – Polečnice – Otice – hranice újezdu – Hodňov – Maňava – hranice újezdu – Horní Planá route 1254 15 km
16. cyclists Maňávka – Horní Planá route 1254 A 3 km
17. cyclists Křižovatka Polná – Květušín – Olšina route 1255 6 km
18. cyclists Křižovatka Hořičky – kolem bývalého MS – hranice újezdu směr Kladenské Rovné route 1256 2,5 km

Recommended parking spots (car parks) for the routes

Knížecí stolec route Car park at the end of the village of Arnoštov
Car park behind the village of Záhvozdí pod Uhlíkovem
Špičák route Car park Horní Planá
Car park RZ Olšina
Other Car park Chvalštiny
Car park Kájov

We recommend

Circuit around Špičák (12 km)
The blue hiking route leads through Maňávka – Stará Huť – Liščí kámen – Vlčí kámen – Kapradinec – Maňávka. A twelve-kilometre track around the 1221-meter-high peak of Špičák at Horní Planá was opened in 2013 by Vojenské lesy a statky ČR (VLS). It is a route that offers views of the surroundings of the Lipno dam. The whole route mainly runs through spruce forests on paved roads, with quite heavy risings in some places. In places with an interesting view or places suitable for resting, we established nine rest points with wooden benches. Six of them can be found on the eastern part of the route with an extensive view of the meadows, forests and the Lipno dam, two of them being located at a chapel in the place of the former glass-making settlement of Stará Huť. The seventh resting bench is located near Liščí kámen and the last two benches can be found at the Špičák hunting lodge.

Route start, parking, transportation: The route starts at the intersection of tourist routes Maňávka, which can be reached by tourist routes from Horní Plana or from our Olšina recreational facility. We established car parks there too. Those who prefer trains can use the Hodňov forest train stop at the Olšina pond dam on the picturesque Šumava route from Český Krumlov to Volary.

Circuit to Knížecí stolec with a wooden observation tower (14 km)
The trek ascending over four hundred elevation meters will reward you with a view, which has no rivals in the Český Krumlov region – you will see the whole Šumava border area and, in the case of good visibility, even the distant Alps. The route to Knížecí stolec in the Boletice military district is open to the public on weekends and holidays. However, you must adhere to the strict rule of following the marked path running through the military training area.

The track starts on the edge of the military district near a Schwarzenberg gamekeepers’ lodge in Uhlíkov nad Záhvozdím, not far from the main road from Horní Planá to Volary, through the valley of the upper reaches of the Vltava River. From that point, a blue hiking mark ascends through the valley of the Uhlíkovský brook and runs over paved roads mainly through forests. Right at the car park, you will find a nature trail board which is part of the route. From that point, the route continues to Adolfův kámen and then to Knížecí stolec, passing by various rock formations. Over the last few hundreds of meters towards the peak of the 1236-meter-high mountain, there is a steep rise over a bare slope: a consequence of the Kyrill storm that caused that there are no forested areas on Knížecí stolec and its surroundings. Ironically, this reality opens an unusual view of the surroundings on its peak, being enhanced by the six-meter-high wooden observation tower, erected by Vojenské lesy a statky. From the peak, the blue mark runs on a rocky trail towards the Skalka intersection with a sheltered resting place and another information board. The route then runs down towards the edge of the Boletice military district. In the end, you will leave the military district in the same place where you started – at the Uhlíkov gamekeepers’ lodge.

Route start, parking, transportation: There is a car park past the village of Záhvozdí, at the gamekeepers’ lodge in Uhlíkov. You can get to Knížecí stolec on a cycle path from the village of Arnoštov, where another car park was built. Not far from the starting point of the route, there is the Želnava, Záhvozdí bus stop.

The Horní Planá Division administers Olšina, the highest fish pond in the country, as well as a wide range of other bodies of water. Sport fishermen can primarily use the Nový pond, as well as Malá Olšina, which, however, is intended only for guests of the Olšina recreational facility.

Name Purpose Area Use Fish species Production/year (q)
Olšina fish pond 106 ha farming carp 300
Dolanský fish pond 10 ha farming carp 120
Březovík fish pond 4,8 ha farming carp 55
Podvorský fish pond 4,8 ha farming carp 30
Okrouhlík fish pond 4 ha farming carp 50
Nový fish pond 3,1 ha farming carp 40
Střemilský velký fish pond 3 ha farming carp 10
Polečnický horní fish pond 1,5 ha farming carp 20
Prostřední fish pond 0,7 ha farming carp 5
Osí fish pond 0,65 ha farming carp 10
Potoční fish pond 0,5 ha farming carp 4
Střemilský malý fish pond 0,38 ha farming carp 3
Střemilský dolní fish pond 0,36 ha farming carp 3
Rohový fish pond 0,34 ha farming carp 3
Luční fish pond 1,1 ha farming carp 5
Soustava 1 fish pond 0,32 ha farming carp 2
Soustava 2 fish pond 0,37 ha farming carp 2
Soustava 3 fish pond 0,2 ha farming carp 1
Soustava 4 fish pond 0,46 ha farming carp 2
Maninský fish pond 0,15 ha farming carp 1
Nový fish pond
One-day permit CZK 400
Two-day permit CZK 700
One-week permit CZK 1,700
One-month permit CZK 3,000
Season permit CZK 5,000

Sale: Chvalšiny fishery – Martin Vosika, phone +420 605 206 749, directorate in Horní Planá – Alena Horváthová, phone +420 739 547 548