The Hořovice division manages property mainly in the southern part of the Central Bohemian Region, in the central Brdy area, specifically in the Brdy military training area (Obecnice, Mirošov and Strašice forest administrations). The division also manages the detached forest management units of Nouzov (consisting of three parts: Beroun, Poteplí and Obora) and Háje (detached smaller forest units in the Pilsen Region).

The Brdy military training area is located about 70 km southwest of Prague. The forests administered by the Hořovice division are part of the following natural forest areas: Brdy Highlands (the largest part, with approximately 25,000 ha of forest land), Křivoklát region, Rakovník region – Kladno Uplands and West Bohemian Uplands.

On 1 January 2016, Act No. 15/2015 Coll., on the borders of military training area, will come into effect, terminating the Brdy military training area; based on a government decree, the Brdy protected landscape area will be established over an area of 345 square kilometres.

Registered office: Slavíkova 106, 262 23 Jince
Telephone: +420 954 001 911
Email: podatelna.horovice@vls.cz

Ing. David Novotný
Email: david.novotny@vls.cz
Telephone: + 420 954 001 911

Production Deputy:
Ing. Milan Tesař
Email: milan.tesar@vls.cz
Telephone: +420 954 001 941

Economic Deputy:
Ing. Martin Chytrý Ph.D.
Email: martin.chytry@vls.cz
Telephone: +420 954 001 919

Obecnice Forest Administration
Obecnice 274
262 21 Obecnice
Ing. Václav Pernegr
Tel.: +420 954 001 121
E-mail: vaclav.pernegr@vls.cz

Mirošov Forest Administration
K lesní správě 193
338 43 Mirošov
Ing. David Novotný
Tel.: +420 954 001 142
E-mail: david.novotny@vls.cz

Nouzov Forest Administration
Suchomlýnská 4
273 51 Unhošť
Ing. František Pour
Tel.: +420 312 698 451
E-mail: frantisek.pour@vls.cz

Strašice Forest Administration
Strašice 171
338 45 Strašice
Ing. Jiří Lukáš
Tel.: +420 954 001 171
E-mail: jiri.lukas@vls.cz

Mirošov Service Management
338 43 Mirošov
Ing. Rudolf Čermák
Telephone: +420 954 001 512
Email: rudolf.cermak@vls.cz

total area 29, 346 ha
agricultural land 236 ha
forest land 27, 787 ha
water area 185 ha
built-up area 6 ha

Contact: Ing. Milan Tesař
Telephone: +420 311545252
Email: milan.tesar@vls.cz

Hunting districts

  • Brdy
  • Nouzov
  • Beroun
  • Drnek

The division uses 4 hunting districts. The main part is the Brdy hunting district of ​​26,000 ha, covering the current military zone, from 1 January 2016 the Brdy protected landscape area. There is mainly red deer, with about 300–400 animals hunted per season, wild boar and, in border areas, roe deer. In the Nouzov detached part, the Hořovice division uses 3 hunting districts for hunting, namely Beroun, covering an area of ​​600 ha, Nouzov, covering an area of ​​2,200 ha, with wild boar, roe deer and, in Nouzov, red deer, and Drnek in the Kladno district, covering an area of ​​approximately 1,500 ha, with wild boar and roe deer.

Hunting lodges

The division offers several hunting lodges, mostly with modest equipment, for guest accommodation. There are also accommodation facilities at the Hlína and Okrouhlík gamekeeper’s cabins. More demanding clients can use a number of private guest houses in the immediate vicinity of the hunting districts. We will be happy to provide further information and recommendations.

The most valuable trophies

A relatively small number of outstanding trophies are hunted in the hunting districts, and 2–3 valued trophies are awarded the bronze medal each year.

After the military zone is closed down and the planned protected landscape area is established, the Brdy mountains will be an area with great potential for future tourism development. Currently, intensive negotiations are underway with environmentalists and the Tourism Association on the future development of hiking trails and bicycle paths in the area being “opened”. Therefore, the information in this section will be continually updated.

Hiking trails

In the current regime of the Brdy military training area, you can use four hiking trails and seven bicycle paths. All of the hiking trails are marked red.

1. Orlov–Třemošná–Orlov trail: from the bus terminal in Orlov over the Třemošná hill, overlooking Příbram and the central Vltava region, and back to the bus stop in Orlov – 3 km
2. Orlov–Ohrádka–Bohutín trail: from the bus terminal in Orlov over the Třemošná hill, overlooking Příbram and the central Vltava region, and then past the Prokop gamekeeper’s cabin to Bohutín – 6.5 km
3. Podluhy–Neřežín trail: from Podluhy to the Krejčovka gamekeeper’s cabin past the Hlína gamekeeper’s cabin, to the Valdek castle ruins and then to Neřežín – 10 km
4. Nová ves–Těně–Strašice trail: from Zaječov along forest paths and roads to Strašice – 7.5 km

Bycycle paths

1. bicycle path 2251 Dobřív - Skořice 5 km
2. bicycle path 2252 Zaječov - Strašice 11 km
3. bicycle path 2273 Trokavec - Vranovice 20 km
4. bicycle path 2274 Červený vrch, rozc. - Věsín 4 km
5. bicycle path 2275 Teslíny - Václavka, rozc. 3 km
6. bicycle path 8190 Bohutín - Rožmitál p. T. 5 km
7. bicycle path 8198 Láz - Obecnice 9,5 km

Recommended parking areas (car parks) for trails

Orlov - bus terminal
Láz - a former quarry by the sawmill
Nepomuk - bus terminal
Dobřív - car park by the "U Floriana" state road
Strašice - by the Hájek bridge
Těně - by the forest
Felbabka - in the village by the former barracks
Obecnice - by the tree nursery

The most important fish farming reservoirs in the Hořovice division are the Padrť ponds, on the Brdy plateau. Their altitude of 630 metres above sea level makes them the highest-lying fish ponds in central Bohemia. The Upper Padrť Pond has an area of ​​115 ha, but it is relatively shallow. The pond is surrounded by beautiful forests and is fed by a number of small forest streams, which results in the higher acidity of the water. The Lower Padrť Pond, covering an area of 65 ha, is smaller and is fed by the effluent from the Upper Padrť Pond. The pond is surrounded by meadows and woodless area, which makes it similar to typical South Bohemian ponds. Every year, one of the Padrť fish ponds is fished out. The catches range from 30 to 50 tons, the main fish being carp, followed by bream, pike, catfish, etc.

There are no water areas for sport fishing in the territory of the Hořovice division.

Martin Zachar
Tel.: 737226 510
e-mail: martin.zachar@vls.cz[](http://martin.zachar@vls.cz)

Forestry education of the Hořovice division

Contact for schools and groups of children:
Mgr. Renáta Lukášová
Telephone: +420 731 137 618
Email: renata.lukasova@vls.cz