Karlovy Vary

The Karlovy Vary division manages property in the Doupov Mountains in the Hradiště military training area on 14,834 ha of forest land and 76 ha of water areas. Organizationally, it is divided into 3 forest administrations (Dolní Lomnice, Klášterec and Valeč), the Bochov Service Administration and the division headquarters.

The Doupov Mountains are part of the geomorphological region of the Podkrušnohoří (Erzgebirgsvorland) area, with the highest peak, Hradiště, at 934 m above sea level. The geologically homogeneous basalt mountain range is the second largest in Europe.

The Doupov region as a whole is among the eleven most precious and ecologically most valuable areas of Central Europe. There are 57 species of mammals and over 260 species of birds. The number of plant species, including rare species, is almost twice as high as in the standard cultural landscape. In particular, there are two predominant compact flora formations, namely the original beech forests and forest-steppes.

Registered office: Mattoniho nábřeží 203/130, 360 09 Karlovy Vary 9
Telephone: +420 353 239 411
Fax: +420 353 942 124
Email: kvary@vls.cz

Ing. Vratislav Fugl
Tel: 954 004 903
E-mail: vratislav.fugl@vls.cz

Ekonomic Deputy:
Ing. Petra Kutnohorská
Tel: +420 954 004 916
E-mail: petra.kutnohorska@vls.cz

Production Deputy:
Ing. Oldřich Konecký
Tel: +420 954 004 908
E-mail: oldrich.konecky@vls.cz

Dolní Lomnice Forest Administrations
Lučiny 88, Hradiště
362 72 pošta Kyselka
Ing. Petr Pechman
Telephone: +420 353 941 126
Fax: +420 353 941 481
Email: petr.pechman@vls.cz

Klášterec nad Ohří Forest Administrations
Zahradní 529
431 51 Klášterec nad Ohří
Ing. Martin Foit
Telephone: +420 474 375 007
Fax: +420 474 371 241
Email: martin.foit@vls.cz

Valeč Forest Administrations
Podbořanská 36, Valeč v Čechách
364 52 pošta Žlutice
Ing. Tomáš Rytíř, pověřen řízením
Telephone: +420 353 396 417
Fax: +420 353 396 419
Email: tomas.rytir@vls.cz

Luičiny Service Management
Lučiny 17, Doupovské Hradiště
362 72 pošta Kyselka
Ing. Ladislav Novotný
Telephone: +420 724 966 983
Fax: +420 353 902 304
Email: ladislav.novotny@vls.cz

total area 19 022 ha
agricultural land 2090 ha
forest land 14 834 ha
water area 76 ha
built-up area 7 ha

Contact: Ing. Jaroslav Bergman
Telephone: +420 353 239 425
Email: Jaroslav.bergman@vls.cz

With regard to gamekeeping, the Karlovy Vary division only manages the Hradiště hunting district, which is, however, one of the largest integrated hunting districts in Europe, with an area of 35,400 ha. Hradiště is popular among hunters especially for its well-preserved and beautiful natural conditions and the overall diversity of the territory, with no signs of civilization damage.
The animals hunted include red deer, sika deer, roe deer, wild boar, European mouflon and fallow deer. In addition to individual hunts, joint hunts for wild boar, does and young deer, organized by the Karlovy Vary division of VLS, are very popular among the general public.
The record trophy of red deer was valued at 221.34 points CIC (the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation scoring system).

Hunting district

  • Hradiště

Hunting lodges

The Karlovy Vary division offers hunters a wide range of accommodation. The most popular are hunting hostels at Bukovina and Činov. It is also possible to stay in a small hunting cabin in Korunní or in the inspection rooms at forestry administrations.

Administration Address Hostel category Rate in CZK per day incl. VAT for more than 2 days Rate in CZK per day incl. VAT up to 2 days Charge in CZK per day and bed Local charges ordinance
11 Činov - hunting hostel B 200 300 0 not applicable
11 Bražec 157 B 200 300 0 not applicable
12 Klášterec, Zahradní - inspection room B 200 250 6 No. 4/2010 Klášterec
12 Okounov -inspection room B 200 250 0 not applicable
12 Korunní - hunting cabin B 200 250 0 not applicable
13 ořkov - inspection room C 200 300 0 not applicable
13 Valeč apartment A 300 350 0 not applicable
13 Valeč separate rooms - inspection room B 200 300 0 not applicable
13 Bukovina No. 7 - hunting hostel A 300 350 0 not applicable
13 Bukovina No. 11 - hunting hostel B 200 250 0 not applicable
91 Mattoniho nábř. 203/130 KV - inspection room B 200 300 6 No. 18/2010, town of KV

The most valuable trophies in the last five years

sika deer 263.70 CIC
sika deer 250.50 CIC
red deer 191.73 CIC
red deer 190.40 CIC
wild boar

Hradiště in the Doupov Mountains is a unique basalt mountain range with extensive forest steppe sites and extensive native beech woods bordering on the most picturesque stretch of the Ohře river. The surroundings of the military training area offer a wide range of significant sites, from the ruins of the Andělská hora (Angel Mountain) castle, to the Hartenštejn castle near Bochov, to a number of Baroque sights in Valeč, the most significant being the local castle.

Hiking trails

No. Description Trail marking Length
1. Kysilka - rozhledna Bučina red trail 1.5 km
2. Dubina - Skalky skřítků yellow trail, including a nature trail 1.5 km

Bycycle paths

Bycycle path 2249 Bělá - Březina - Dubina 39 km


An ascent to the Bučina lookout tower
The steep ascent from the valley of the Ohře river, from the now dilapidated Kysilka spa near Karlovy Vary, to one of the oldest lookout towers in the Czech Republic will reward you with a unique view of the area around the West Bohemian town, the river valley, as well as the Doupov Mountains and the Ore Mountains. The ten-metre lookout tower was built at an altitude of 582 metres by Heinrich Mattoni, a famous local native and entrepreneur, in 1880.

Skalky skřítků (Elf Rocks) full of legends
This trail, including a nature trail, leads to a geological point of interest called Skalky skřítků (Elf Rocks), which is a national nature monument. The rocks are exposed tuff sheets, hollows with an elongated oval shape and a diameter of up to 150 cm, shaped in steep rock walls about 10 metres high. The place is associated with a legend about elves who guarded a treasure, only asking for a little food from the people they shared the place with. As time went on, the greedy farmers gave the elves less and less, so the little residents decided to leave. They went towards the Ore Mountains, and nobody has seen them here ever since. Although there are no elves here anymore, you can still find many plant species, e.g. Hepatica, common lungwort, cowslip, yellow anemone, martagon lily and mezereon.

The division manages a total of 76 ha of water areas, the most important being the Javorná Pond, the Krásný (Beautiful) Pond and the Zelený (Green) Pond. Fish farming is focused on hatching fish, mainly carp and tench. Most water bodies are at an altitude of about 700 metres, which means that fish doesn’t grow very much, but the location at a higher altitude has a very positive impact on the health of fish stocks.

Name Area Use
Javorenský Pond 9.8 ha fish farming
Krásný (Beautiful) Pond 9.5 ha fish farming
Zelený (Green) Pond 4.2 ha fish farming
Tišina (Peaceful Water) 2.4 ha fish farming
Nový (New) Pond 0.7 ha fish farming

The water areas managed by the Karlovy Vary division of VLS are not used for sport fishing.

Forestry education
Contact for schools and groups of children:
Ing. Jana Hynková
Telephone: +420 731 137 686
Email: jana.hynkova@vls.cz