The Plumlov division manages a total of 17,359 ha of forest land, mostly located in the northern part of the Vyškov district, in the territory of the Březina military training area. This territory is part of the Drahany Highlands natural forest area. In addition to the main forest unit, the division manages forest land in detached parts of Slavkov u Brna and Borohrádek in East Bohemia.

An important characteristic of the main territory managed by the division is the fairly rugged terrain configuration with a relatively large range of altitudes, from 260 to 660 m above sea level. It is an area furrowed by numerous valleys with deep gorges, as well as being rich in ponds, streams and meadows abounding in flowers. Apart from forests, there are also deforested target and training sites of the military area. The tree composition is characterized by a rich diversity of species.
The division’s economic activity is carried out by three forest administrations and the service administration.

Registered office: Lesnická 463, 798 03 Plumlov
Telephone: + 420 582 302 131
Fax: + 420 582 302 151

Ing. Ladislav Pur
Tel: +420 954 006 937

Production Deputy:
Ing. Roman Dymáček
Tel: +420 954 006 944

Economic Deputy:
Jana Janečková
Tel: +420 954 006 940

Žárovice Forest Administration
Žárovice 31,
798 03 Plumlov
Ing. Jindřich Hýža
Telephone: +420 582 393 500

Myslejovice Forest Administration
Myslejovice 73,
798 05 Myslejovice
Ing. Ivan Ambrož,
Telephone: +420 582 357 328

Rychtářov Forest Administration
Rychtářov 130
682 01 Vyškov
Ing. Jaroslav Valtus
Telephone: +420 517 360 429

Plumlov Service Management
798 03 Plumlov
Milan Otáhal
Telephone: +420 582 393 002

total area 17 617 ha
agricultural land 161 ha
forest land 17 134 ha
water area 38 ha
built-up area 2,5 ha

With regard to gamekeeping, the Plumlov division manages two hunting districts operated at the division’s own expense. The larger of the two is Březina, covering the territory of the military area of the same name, and the smaller is Bílý Vlk. The normalized game species in both hunting districts are red deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare and pheasant, and in the Březina hunting district also fallow deer. The annual hunt includes about 230 red deer, 600 roe deer, 500–1,000 wild boars, 15 mouflons (Březina) and, more or less accidentally, up to 10 sika deer. Small game is not hunted in the Plumlov division. Trophies are of average quality; 2–3 red deer trophies annually exceed the bronze medal level, but roe deer trophies very rarely reach the medal level. Game is hunted by fee-paying guests based on year-round licences, as well as by gamekeepers and VLS employees. Fee hunting is preferred for trophy game.

Hunting districts

Březina 17, 683 ha
Bílý Vlk 1,290 ha

There are several hunting lodges in the Březina hunting district that have recently been renovated and that are used for accommodating hunting guests.

During the heating season, a surcharge of CZK 12 per day plus 15% VAT is charged for heating.
The heating season lasts from 1 September to 30 April.

Price per bed outside the heating season from 1 May to 31 August in CZK for 1–5 days

Facility Category Price excl. VAT 15 % VAT Total price
lodge Osina C 120.87 18.13 139
Novák lodge C 120.87 18.13 139
lodge Chochole C 120.87 18.13 139
lodge Osinka C 120.87 18.13 139
lodge Diana C 120.87 18.13 139
lodge Wintrovka C 120.87 18.13 139
other hunting lodges E 70.43 10.57 81

Price per bed outside the heating season from 1 May to 31 August in CZK over 5 days

Facility Category Price excl. VAT 15 % VAT Total price
lodge Osina C 100.00 15.00 115
Novákova lodge C 100.00 15.00 115
lodge Chochole C 100.00 15.00 115
lodge Osinka C 100.00 15.00 115
lodge Diana C 100.00 15.00 115
lodge Wintrovka C 100.00 15.00 115
other hunting lodges E 50.43 7.57 58
Top quality trophies 2010–2015
mouflon 211,00 CIC (gold medal) 2010
deer 184,63 CIC (bronze medal) 2011
deer 194,29 CIC (silver medal) 2012
deer 186,65 CIC (bronze medal) 2012
roe deer 113,18 CIC (bronze medal) 2012
wild boar 122,10 CIC (gold medal) 2012
deer 189,41 CIC (bronze medal) 2013
deer 185,81 CIC (bronze medal) 2013
mouflon 201,80 CIC (silver medal) 2013
deer 194,16 CIC (silver medal) 2014
wild boar 118,31 CIC (silver medal) 2014
mouflon 210,60 CIC (gold medal) 2014
mouflon 211,25 CIC (gold medal) 2014
mouflon 197,75 CIC (silver medal) 2014

The territory administered by the Plumlov division offers marked hiking trails and bicycle paths in the Rychtářov forest administration, i.e. outside the Březina military training area; furthermore, there is a bicycle path leading through the unrestricted part of the military training area in the Žárovice forest administration.

Hiking trails

Description Trail Length
Vyškov - Dědice - Opatovice - Kateřinské údolí - Ruprechtov Blue trail 12.5 km
Vyškov - Dědice - Hamiltony - Údolí Velké Hané - Rychtářov - Údolí Malé Hané - Krásensko Red trail 18 km
Ruprechtov - castle ruins Kuchlov (follows the red trail in Údolí Malé Hané) Green trail 3.5 km
Plumlov - Malé Hradisko Red trail 14.5 km

Bycycle paths

Bycycle path 5072 Rychtářov - Údolí Malé Hané - Ruprechtov 8 km
Bycycle path Rychtářov - Údolí Malé Hané - Krásensko 16.5 km
Bycycle path 5029 Rychtářov - Údolí Malé Hané- Studnice 8.5 km
Bycycle path Hamry - Repechy 9.5 km
Bycycle path 5041 Zelená Hora - Podivice - Sněhotice 9.5 km


Drahany Highlands Museum
Besides hiking trails and bicycle paths in Březina and its surroundings, you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Drahany Highlands Museum. An interactive exhibition of the history and crafts of the Drahany Highlands, including a TGM educational centre, can be found in Drahany near the border of the military training area. The museum, opened in 2014, also offers a self-service café and a technical-physical play area for both big and small children.

The Plumlov division manages a total of 18 ha of water areas of its own fish ponds and the Myslejovice dam fishing district on an area of ​​8 ha. Fishing licences are sold for the Příhon, Jandovka and Hrádek fish ponds. The Myslejovice Dam and the Příhon and Jandovka ponds are located in the Březina military training area, so fishing is limited by military training. The Hrádek Pond lies outside the military training area. Fishing is governed by the applicable fishing regulations of the Plumlov division of VLS ČR, s. p. and by the rules specified in the angling authorizations for the fish ponds.


Name Area Use
Myslejovice Dam 7.8 ha commercial – sport fishing
Příhon pond 2.1 ha commercial – sport fishing
Jandovka pond 1 ha commercial – sport fishing
Osina pond 2.5 ha commercial – sport fishing
Hrádek pond 0.4 ha commercial

Fishing licence and authorization prices in 2015

Name Full-year Monthly Weekly
Myslejovice Dam fishing district CZK 1,500 CZK 1,000 CZK 700
Příhon Fish Pond CZK 1,500 CZK 1,000 CZK 700
Jandovka Fish Pond CZK 1,500 CZK 1,000 CZK 700
Hrádek Fish Pond CZK 1,500 CZK 1,000 CZK 700
Annual licence for the Myslejovice Dam and the three fish ponds – CZK 4,000

Marie Cetkovská
Telephone: + 420 582 302 137
Ing. Michal Žampach
Telephone: + 420 582 302 153, + 420 739 532 160

Forestry education
Contact for schools and groups of children
Jiří Fusek
Telephone: 737 226 540

Besides our own programmes, we also organize events in collaboration with the Rychta Krásensko Centre for Environmental Education and the Czech Union for Nature Conservation – Prostějov.