Acces permits

In order to apply for permission to use access roads in localities administered by VLS, one should use a well-arranged electronic system, by which you can submit your application online. The application form for applying for permission to drive into the woods is simple and contains help boxes. Each application will be assessed on an individual basis. For approval, the applicant must have a justified reason for access, e.g. the public service (primarily landscape park administration vehicles), performance of work in the affected area, farming activities or services for owners of real estate, municipal activities on the cadastral territory of the municipality, or servicing municipal property.

You can access the system through

VLS issues access permits for access to the woods in locations outside the military districts; for access to training areas of the Czech Army, applicants must submit their applications to district offices having territorial jurisdiction. You can find links to their websites here: (

Vojenské lesy a statky issues access permits primarily for access to former training areas of Ralsko and Brdy as well as to peripheral parts of the existing districts. Permission to enter the Brdy Landscape Park is issued by VLS in cooperation with the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic.