Forestry day in Ralsko 2016

The 40th Forestry Day in Ralsko and the 15th Czech Chainsaw Work Championship – VLS Cup 2016.

When: Friday 17th and Saturday 18th of June 2016

Where: Skelná huť in Ralsko,

GPS: 50.6127031N, 14.7884389E

The jubilee 40th anniversary of Forestry Day in Ralsko is drawing near!

This year’s anniversary of the greatest forestry public event will be really exceptional. The forestry day in Ralsko will celebrate the 40th anniversary in June, so this traditional event of Vojenské lesy a statky ČR, s. p., which is visited by about ten thousand people each year, will have an unusually rich programme, which will satisfy all family members. What can you choose from?

The national chainsaw work championship and other competitions

The two-day programme will also include the traditional national chainsaw work championship and a competition of forwarder attendants. The best woodsmen will showcase their skills in such disciplines as felling, pruning, combined and accurate cut, and the final discipline of pruning. All of that in front of visitors.

The competition of forwarders will introduce the best junior attendants of heavy timber harvesters – students of vocational forestry schools, who will compete in the adjacent forest in front of visitors in a competition, where each millimetre matters.

A double-bitted axe throw at a target, a ten-year-old discipline based on the traditional leisure pastime of woodsmen, is a side competition. The axe is thrown at a target having almost 1 meter in diameter from a distance of 6.5 meters.

Forest pedagogy and other activities for children

A huge tent marked “VLS dětem” (VLS for children) will be waiting for the smallest visitors of Forestry Day, with VLS forest pedagogues and a whole series of disciplines and activities as well as posts in the adjacent forest. Children who complete the tasks, including the recognition of trees and herbs, will receive a diploma and, of course, also small prizes.

STIHL Timbersports show

In the U.S. and Canada, woodsman competitions already took place in the 19th century, and were very popular on the regional level. The overseas competitions gave rise to the STIHL Timbersports sports discipline, which is an attractive show of forestry skills from the time when an axe and handsaw were the main tools of woodsmen. In these sports disciplines, the Czech Republic has been among the world leaders, thanks to the four-time European champion Martin Komárek, who will present his show at Forestry Day.

Exposition of forestry and other machinery

From hand chainsaws to the most efficient harvesters, from ride-on mowers to heavy forestry machines. All of that can be seen on Forestry Day at the exposition of the forestry and garden machinery produced by renowned manufacturers and importers. It will also include equipment for professional foresters, as well as tools and machines intended for lay use in gardens and properties. You can also find the presentation of ancillary machines related to the use of wood – e.g. wood chip boilers. Natural gear and hunting equipment and clothes will not be absent.

Exposition of trophies and hunting

Visitors can visit the exposition of trophies from Ralsko and other VLS forestry divisions. The programme also includes a commented exposition of hunting dogs and birds of prey.

The programme of the jubilee 40th anniversary of Forestry Day in Ralsko has not been finalised yet. Therefore, we will keep you informed about any further programmes here on the VLS website.