Territories managed by VLS

Military District Hradiště (Doupov)

It is located in Doupovské Mountains in the Karlovy Vary region on 15,542 ha of the forest land. Hradiště is the highest peak – 934 meters above sea level. The geologically homogeneous basalt mountain range is the second largest mountain range in Europe and is one of the most precious and ecologically most valuable territories of Central Europe. There are 57 mammal species and over 260 species of birds. The number of plant species, including the rare ones, is double the number occurring in the ordinary cultural landscape. The Doupov Region is characterised by two predominant complex flora formations, i.e. original beechwood and extensive forest-steppes.

Public accessibility: The military district is not open to the public with the exception of a short hiking trail on its western edge leading from the valley of the Ohře River to the Bučina observation tower (red trail).

Former military district of Ralsko

The extensive former military district between Mnichovo Hradiště, Máchovo Lake and Mimoň has already been serving the public for several years. It covers 26,920 ha of forest lands. The whole area of Ralsko is valued in terms of nature conservation, and its substantial part has been declared the Kokořínsko Landscape Park – Dokesko since autumn 2014, and is also part of Natura 2000. In addition to the National Natural Reservation of Břehyně – Pecopala (981 ha), the National Natural Monument of Swamp (47 ha), another 10 natural monuments are located on an area of 234 ha.

Ralsko is a flagship of the process of opening former military areas to the public. Vojenské lesy a statky ČR developed 25 km of cycling trails, 28 km of marked hiking trails, 11 km of routes for in-line skaters, 6 km of bridle paths (horse riding trails), as well as the unique Jeřáb educational trail. Thanks to our investments, you can find also 10 hiking resting places, dozens of information panels and six tourist car parks here. We have also been supporting the Forest Corner in Hradčany, which is a station for handicapped forest animals from the entire Czech Republic.

In the local game park of Židlov, VLS is implementing a programme of returning the European bison to the wild, which is unique in our country. The unique nature in Ralsko has become the home for a pack of wolves, which had moved here probably from Germany.

Public accessibility: The territory is open to the public.

Military District Brdy (Brdy Landscape Park as of 1 January 2016)

It is located 60 kilometres southwest of Prague, between Jince and Klatovy. The territory is a location with the highest potential of tourism development in the following years, as it will be open to the public as of 1 January 2016. However, the public may use the cycling trails leading across Padrťské Ponds even today, on weekends and holidays. The location is the home of many unique species of plants and animals – e.g. the stone crayfish or the European otter. Therefore, the cancellation of the military district will be followed by the announcement of the Brdy Landscape Park. In this connection, the preparation of the infrastructure for future visitors, including hiking trails and cycling trails, has been in full swing. Vojenské lesy a statky, which cooperate with the local self-government and conservationists, is also planning to open an information centre in Brdy

Public access: Until 1 January 2016, when the military district will be cancelled, use the network of hiking trails and cycling trails, which are open on weekends and holidays.

Boletice military district (Šumava)

It is located on 20 thousand hectares between Český Krumlov, Volary and Horní Planá on the boundary of the foothills of Šumava and Novohradské Mountains. In the Czech Republic, the whole territory represents a unique region with extraordinary natural conditions. Almost one half of the territory belongs to the Šumava Landscape Park; the territory is also part of NATURA 2000. In addition, a protected zone of the national natural monument of Blanice is located on the territory of the forestry office of Arnoštov, where a critically endangered animal species – freshwater pearl mussel – can be found.

Public access: The territory, which is still used for military training, is accessible via a few several trails in the peripheral areas. On weekends and holidays, the public may use a sightseeing route from Horní Planá, around Vlčí Kamen, as well as a new hiking trail to the observation tower in Knížecí Stolec.

Libavá military district (Oderská Highlands)

The Libavá military district is located northeast of Olomouc on 23 thousand hectares. The Oderská Highlands, which forms the district, is one of the most beautiful parts of Nízký Jeseník. The Odra River rises in the southern part of the locality, at the foot of Fidlův Hill at an altitude of 634 meters. The place is a popular tourist destination. The Oderská Highlands is the home of many precious species of animals and plants – e.g. the European beaver lives here.

Public access: On weekends and holidays, use the marked red hiking trail from Dolní Újezd at Lipník nad Bečvou towards the source of the Odra River.

Březina military district (Drahanská Highlands)

In the neighbourhood of the Moravian Karst near Prostějov, the Březina military district lies on 17 thousand hectares. It consists predominantly of the natural forest area of the Drahanská Highlands, which is a territory with a considerably indented configuration of the terrain with deeply carved valleys and steep slopes, plateaus with numerous side arroyos and a relatively large range of altitudes from 260 to 660 m above sea level.

Public access: Due to the military activity, the locality is not open to the public.

Safety in VLS localities

All of the aforesaid territories are protected by the emergency system of the so-called RESCUE POINTS, which help emergency response services, endangered persons as well as other visitors find their way in case of emergency. More information about the system as well as a map of the integrated rescue system of individual localities can be downloaded in the Our Activities section.