Services for AČR

Security and other services are provided by VLS ČR, s.p. for the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic in occupied military buildings as well as in released real estate and premises. We provide: entrance security and protection of buildings belonging to the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, cleaning services, winter and summer maintenance of roads and other areas, reception services, heat source attendance, water management, and other services for the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

The division’s main office consists of the supervisory central office and regional offices in Prague, Boletice, Doupov, Mimoň, Brno and Libavá.

By providing security and other services, VLS has been providing jobs to people in populated localities of military training areas and surrounding villages. Job vacancies in security services are also filled by veterans from peace missions.

Ing. Jaroslav Kankia MSc.
ředitel divize
Telephone: +420 220 405 199