VLS manages 446 ha of bodies of water, producing 95 tonnes of fish per year. The production of carps prevails, followed by herbivorous fish, tench and fish of prey. The Horná Planá Division produces rainbow trout. Thanks to the location of our largest fishponds (Olšina and Padrťské ponds) in extraordinarily clean natural conditions away from the impact of intensive human activities, as well as to our own farming technologies, we produce ecologically highly valuable and delicious fish.

The fishing right is exercised in 15 fishing districts of individual divisions. Fishing permits can be bought in nine districts. Five districts are declared a protected fish area intended for farming the fry of salmonids and protected animals, such as freshwater pearl mussel and brook lamprey.

VLS operates two stews – in Mirošov (Hořovice) and in Chvalšiny (H. Planá). Within the Mimoň Division, we offer sport fishing opportunities with trophy fish to the public, applying the “Catch and Release” system and classic sports waters.

We offer many sport fishing opportunities for the general public in our fishing districts and farm ponds.

Division Mimoň

Division Horní Planá

Division Plumlov

Division Lipník nad Bečvou