Supporting tourism

In connection with the optimisation of military training territories in the Czech Republic, many localities administered by VLS had been opened to the public in the past already; many of them will be opened in the following years. Thanks to the long-term low impact of human activities on these territories, as well as due to the care of our company, these are absolutely unique natural territories, which we want to introduce to the public, while respecting the rules of their protection. For this reason, we create tourist routes, cycling trails, educational trails, and we support the development of tourism.

In past decades, the army was our client; these days, it is more often the public.

We have adapted to this shift – including the investments in the relevant territories.

Division Hořovice

Division Horní Planá

Division Karlovy Vary

Division Mimoň

Division Plumlov

Division Lipník nad Bečvou